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Get Ready for Season 2021

Updated: May 24, 2023

Getting ready for the Season

The start of many winter sports seasons are just upon us and at High Line Active we want you to be the best that you can be

The two key areas of focus are

1. Maximising performance

2. Reduce Risk of Injury

Maximising performance

Most athletes or sportspeople are always striving to be better, to maximise their performance. This applies at the elite sporting level all the way down to the weekend warriors or those in social leagues of sport. At High Line Active, we want to help you exceed your expectations and take you to the next level.

A copious amount of research has shown that greater muscle strength or control underpins physical performance attributes which have an extremely positive influence on one’s individual performance. Those in elite/professional environments understand and manipulate this to get the best out of their athletes. Research (Suchomel, Nimphius & Stone 2016) suggests that greater muscle strength can bolster many performance variables such as sprinting, jumping, change of direction, and sport-specific movements

Another key variable of maximising performance is staying on the park! This is where our second key area of focus comes into play

Reduce risk of injury

Injuries, unfortunately, are a part of sport but that doesn’t just mean we should accept that they will happen particularly soft tissue (ligaments, muscles, and tendons) injuries. Once again, research suggests that there are many techniques to minimise the likelihood of being injured. Suchomel, Nimphius & Stone (2016) discuss that improving strength can overall decrease the occurrence of injuries, particularly when looking at sports such as soccer and volleyball.

This also applies to AFL where in 2018 the AFL released an injury report stating that when a player was injured, on average they would miss 3.4-3.7 games. That can be a significant part of the season. Once again studies (Finch & Twomey, 2016) have shown that with appropriate strength and control training (Neuromuscular) knee injuries can be reduced by 50% and lower limb injuries reduced by 22%. These are significant numbers

Where does High Line Active come in?

Strength has been discussed in detail about its importance to these key areas so a huge part of our role is:

- Strength Testing

- Identifying any relative areas of improvement

- Plan and discuss strategies to improve areas of weakness

- Reviewing sport-specific technique

- Planning for ideal load management

- Overall athlete screenings

These are all very familiar to us here at High Line Active where our physiotherapists have applied our trade at Elite and Local levels.

So come on down to High Line Active and let’s make 2021 your best season ever!

See you soon, 

Nicole and Dane


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