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  • Should I see my GP first?
    Physiotherapists are primary contact practitioners. So if you believe you have a musculosketal, spinal pain or injury complaint we can assess and treat you first. No GP referral required. If you are unsure please give us a call and we can advise what is appropriate. If we believe you should see your GP or another health professional after your consultation we will refer.
  • Can I use my private health cover?
    If you have extras cover with physiotherapy and you book in for initial physiotherapy you can use your cover. Subsequent sessions planned by the physiotherapist are also covered as long as you have a current condition we are treating. We email you the receipt from the session and you can claim with your fund. Most funds have an app or you can log in online to claim. Our software doesn't link with HiCAPs. The software system we use 'Health Kit' is working on a claim option so hopefully we will be able to bring this to you soon.
  • Can I use my private health fund for pilates?
    You can use extras cover on physiotherapy services. The governement removed cover for Natural Therapies pilates exercises as of April 2019. Physiotherapy interventions where pilates is used as a treatment program will continue to be covered. Please ask us for clarification. Our small group exercise sessions have always been individualised and will always include a variety of exercises which may be strength, agility, pilates or yoga based.
  • Do you accept DVA and CDM plans?
    Yes we do. We require referrals form your GP. CDM plans do attract a gap fee. Please ask for more information. Our fees are standard - please see pricing on the website. We are unable to provide the high quality service we do for a standard Medicare rebate.
  • Do you accept work cover and TAC?
    Yes we do, however we require payment on the day of service. You will be required to claim your rebate from your insurer directly. There may be a gap involved, check with your insurer. Our fees are standard - please see pricing on the website. We are unable to provide the high quality service we do for a standard Work Cover or TAC rebate.
  • What payment types do you accept?
    We accept cash and cards. Credit, Debit (American Express, Visa or Mastercard) are all accepted. We do not charge extra fees for credit card transactions. Payment is taken online and we email you the reeipt.
  • What's the difference between chiro, osteo and physio?"
    A common question. There are many similarities these days as all therapies focus on muculoskeletal pain and injury. Australian physiotherapists are world-renowned and highly-respected amongst our medical peers. As a profession, physiotherapy is proven through decades of medical research. We do work with osteopaths and chiropractors however as we often co-treat patients where we may complete the exercise rehab and the patient is still seeing their preferred provider for manual therapy. We have a fantastic relationship and a huge amount of respect for the providers we collaborate with. We also currently have a brilliant osteopath who works for High Line at motorsport events with our elite athletes and teams.
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