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What's in a name...?

Updated: May 24, 2023

I've been asked where the choice of the business name 'High Line Active' comes from many times now, so here's the inspiration.....

High Line Park New York

I was Inspired by New York City's High Line Park. It's an old freight train line that stretches through Chelsea and the Meatpacking district. It lay disused since 1960 and many wanted it torn down completely. The local community fought to keep its and hatched a plan to turn it into a "park in the sky." Known as the miracle above Manhattan it is truly a beautiful space. This 2.3km stretch of park which still houses remnants of the old train tracks, is now a hive of activity and changes with the seasons. New Yorkers and visitors can float over busy streets in this innovative park. The space houses art installations and sculptures, along with cafe's and exercise groups. If you have't visited The High Line (you MUST) and there is an still additional section set to open in 2017.

The High Line represents positive change and community strength. I felt that this inspiration was perfect to align with the Physiotherapy Exercise classes I wanted to run. The classes are encouraging and supportive. This exercise is fun; you'll laugh, smile and meet some fantastic people. So as I round out week one of High Line Active, I can't wait to grow the program further..... See you all again next week.

High line park rainway

New York building with multiple colours

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