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Sharing New Golf Research (Warm-Up Protocol)

Updated: May 23, 2023

We love a bit of Golf here at High Line Active! With the recent Masters and the LIV tour being in Adelaide this week, we are noticing a lot of our clients are heading out for a swing lately. Richmond is buzzing at the moment and people are itching to head out and play

We wanted to share some recent research based on recreational golfers for our High Line Active community.

A recent study has been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of a Golf Related Injury Prevention Program (GRIPP) which looks at incorporating a standardised warm-up for recreational golfers to complete prior to playing a round of golf (Gladdines, S., von Gerhardt, A.L., Verhagen, E. et al, 2022)

Golf can ask a lot of the human body. During a golf swing, the lower part of our spine can be exposed to large rotational forces up to 7-8 x our body weight. That’s quite significant if you’re having 80-120 shots per round.

Recreational golfer's injuries are generally distributed through the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and spine:

Golfer wearing a green shirt showing injury rates at different joints

The Research

A group of Dutch recreational golfers was distributed to the GRIPP program which meant they performed a standardised warm-up to complete before their rounds in comparison to another group that didn’t The main finding of the study was

that Recreational golfers are 3.2 times more likely to report an injury when they do not perform a warm-up

So clearly, there’s a huge benefit of performing a warm-up if recreational golfers want to continue playing regularly with a reduced risk of injury

The GRIPP Below is the recommended warm-up that the GRIPP group completed in this study. We recommend giving this a go and begin adding it to your pre-round routine

GRIPP warmup leg swing
A golfer warm up wearing a green shirt side bending and rotation
A green shirt golfer doing a golf warmup  with arm rotations and arms in the arm
Green shirt golfer warmup with powerful rotation

In Conclusion, at High Line Active, we want our recreational golfer community to stay as injury free as possible and this seems to be a strategy that we can all implement. Whether you’re playing down the road at Burnley Golf Course or heading down to the Mornington Peninsula, give this a try and make it a part of your routine going forward. Save this blog post so you can use this as a reference going forward

Give it a go, your physios Nicole and Dane certainly will be. Look forward to hearing the feedback from our clients. Happy Golfing!

References: 1. Gladdines, S., von Gerhardt, A.L., Verhagen, E. et al. The effectiveness of a golf injury prevention program (GRIPP intervention) compared to the usual warm-up in Dutch golfers: protocol design of a randomized controlled trial. BMC Sports Sci Med Rehabil14, 144 (2022).

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