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Long COVID: A High Line Active Guide

Updated: May 24, 2023

Head in folded arms, long COVID introduction

We were able to survive what COVID threw at us here at High Line Active and we were so proud to be able to still treat Richmond and the wider community. As Physios, it's oddly been a highlight to see how much we were able to still help. Unfortunately, we did learn about the longer-lasting symptoms of COVID

Long COVID is an emerging condition that we are learning more about each day. Long COVID describes the long-term effects (4 weeks) following having COVID.

25% of people following having the virus will have symptoms for at least a month with 1 in 10 having symptoms that can last for 12 weeks

This post outlines

- explanation of Long COVID

- associated symptoms

- fatigue and Post-exertional symptom exacerbation (PESE)

- pacing

The suggested advice given via World Physiotherapy for long COVID is quite different from regular training and physical activity recommendations so it is very important to understand the difference. We hope this guide gives you a small insight into this but we do recommend contacting and creating a plan with your GP and your High Line Active Physiotherapist if any of the following information sounds familiar

Once again, please don't hesitate to ask Nicole or Dane about any of this information. If sounds like something you are suffering from then please contact us and we will get going on a graduated recovery plan to get you back fit and firing

At High Line Active, we pride ourselves on supplying great physio to the wider Richmond Community Dane and Nicole High Line Active - Physiotherapy Richmond

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