September 23, 2019

SLEEP is not only an important factor for good health and wellbeing, but it it is essential for recovery from injury. Often patients ask what they can do to speed up healing from an injury and sleep is the number one tool. Muscle, bone and tissue repair occurs overnight.  Of course good quality nutrition also helps the synthesis of tissue healing and staying away from alcohol but let's focus today on sleep. 

Most people when we ask about sleep in the clinic report they don't sleep well. (up to 45% of adults get inadequate sleep). Poor sleep can be caused from a number of reasons from medically diagnosed conditions such as sleep apnoea, restless leg syndrome or reflux to inflammatory musculoskeletal conditions or stress and anxiety. 

As Physiotherapists we primarily ask about sleep when assessing your condition as it may give us information which will help with a diagnosis. For example, inflammatory conditions may cause pain and waking up typically at 3am. Alternatively trouble...

January 6, 2019

After a long party season, no doubt most people are feeling sluggish, tired and a bit fuller than they would like. And often the best way to blast the kilos away and get back to feeling great again is to hit the gym hard, right?  Wrong.

November 19, 2018

Now 5 years on from this groundbreaking research, have we made enough change to increase our lifespans.

Every hour of TV watching after the age of 25 cuts 22 mins from your life expectancy. (Veerman 2012, BMJ) Compared to; Smokers who shorten their lives by 11min per cigarette (BMJ 2000). (Yes, read that again, just so it sinks in really well!!)

Everyone knows smoking is bad for you. It increases your risk of pretty much every disease, the government tax the hell out of it and have banned it from pretty much everywhere to curb behaviour and stop smoking related diseases clogging up our health care and hospitals. There was a time however, when doctors recommended it and you were seen to be cool if you had one in your mouth. Many years later we know better. 

This brings me to sitting. Our lifestyles have changed dramatically in the last 20 years, the advancement of technology has bought us a much more sedentary life. For most, we wake up, get ready for work and sit either in our cars or tra...

Hands up who gets back pain from time to time? Yep, my hands are up. As a Physio I'm not immune either. And stats show 70-90% of us will have some back pain in our lifetime (2014-15 ABS). I developed a condition called Sheurrmans Disease in my teens. The structural change from this condition caused a few other early degenerative changes to discs and joints in my spine which brought on pain in my early 20s. And whilst looking at my spinal x-rays or MRI scan appears a little disconcerting on paper; none of that actually matters. We can throw those results out the window, it doesn't stop me living an adventurous life. I happily cycle, snow ski and learnt to wake surf recently. It can be easy to get bogged down in scan and test results but it's not the full picture. More research is showing that scan results don't correlate to pain or function. Many scan reports represent changes which are a normal part of ageing and are found in both individuals with pain and without pain. (Brinjikji 2014...

January 10, 2017

A number of V8 Supercar drivers have mentioned times they have encountered leg numbness or that feeling of 'the leg going to sleep" while racing. Will Davison has spoken candidly about battling with right leg numbness intermittently for years. In 2012 at Symmons Plains he reported a circulation issue, and having tried to resolve it through treatment on his back and tweaking the seat position. Kurt Kostecki crashed in Townsville 2016 in his first main series race citing leg and foot numbness as the cause. The 18-year-old collected the wall on lap 51 or 70 after his foot went to sleep early in the race. A big change from the usual 21 lap Development series races his body was used to. Kurt was quoted as saying; “As soon as my foot went to sleep I had to wriggle my toes and ultimately lost concentration. “I was left-foot braking just to try to get my foot to come back and when I was thinking of my foot it was taking my concentration away from managing the car and trying to get the best out...

October 2, 2016

As we approach the biggest motorsport race in Australia with one week to go (well Bathurst of course). I thought I'd shed some light on the physical requirements of drivers in the modern game and how Physiotherapy optimises their performance. As a Physiotherapist, I've consulted Athletes of many different sports; whether for injury prevention or injury management. The aim is always to ensure the Athlete can perform at their best as soon as possible after pain or injury or to ideally first prevent injury occurrence.

Motorsport however is like no other sport, closest I think possibly to cycling. For starters the drivers are in a seated position. The trunk and hips are fixed and the arms and legs move with varying amounts of force and a mixture of open and closed chain movement patterns. Effective trunk and pelvic stability is crucial to create a stable base to move on. This stable base is fixed to the seat with a harness but the G forces under braking and through corners still require cen...

All this windy weather requires sure footing... 

The reality is that balance can begin declining after age 25 when muscle strength has peaked. (Shephard 1998)

How are you doing??

Balance requires input from multiple sensory systems; vestibular, somatosensory and visual systems. Vestibular system organs (inner ear) regulate equilibrium, the somatosensory system senses proprioceptive information from skin and joints, and the visual system (eyes) sense spatial location.  Reduced strength, flexibility, proprioception and poor vision or medications can all affect balance. (Sherrington 2008)

In an Initial Assessment at High Line Active we test everyones balance. I'll ask you questions like, " when you walk down stairs do you hold on?" or "when you step on an escalator do you hold on?" "Have you had any falls in the past year?" It's common clients will answer, "yes I always hold on, just to be safer." or "yes I fell but I tripped." These types of strategies are employed when we don...

Some age-related changes, such as wrinkles and grey hair, are inevitable.. or not, depending on the lengths you are willing to go to. It was once thought that changes to muscles, bones and joints were unavoidable too. However, researchers now suggest that many factors associated with ageing are due to inactivity, and that performing physical activity can help to reduce or reverse the risk of disability and chronic disease. 

"At least half of the age-related

changes to muscles, bones and

joints are caused by disuse."

One in Two Australians is now living with a chronic health condition. The most common conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, in older people mainly includes Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoporosis/Osteopenia. These conditions can affect the proper functioning of the associated muscles and lead to falls and ultimately a loss of independence. 

Muscle loses size and strength as we get older, which can contribute to fatigue, wea...

April 22, 2016

I've been asked where the choice of the business name 'High Line Active' comes from many times now, so here's the inspiration.....




I was Inspired by New York City's High Line Park. It's an old freight train line that stretches through Chelsea and the Meatpacking district. It lay disused since 1960 and many wanted it torn down completely. The local community fought to keep its and hatched a plan to turn it into a "park in the sky." Known as the miracle above Manhattan it is truly a beautiful space. This 2.3km stretch of park which still houses remnants of the old train tracks, is now a hive of activity and changes with the seasons. New Yorkers and visitors can float over busy streets in this innovative park. The space houses art installations and sculptures, along with cafe's and exercise groups. If you have't visited The High Line (you MUST) and there is an still additional section set to open in 2017. 


The High Line represents positive change and a community strength. I fe...

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