Originating from India, Ayurveda (pronounced: ah-yer-vey-duh) is a 5000 year old practice that focuses on the science of life (Ayur standing for life, and Veda standing for science) and aims to create balance within the three governing elements or doshas known as vata, kapha and pitta. Your body type is referred to as your 'dosha’ and governs all 5 elements (water, earth, wind, fire and space). We all have one dominant dosha that governs more elements than others. We use Ayurvedic massage and  special diets to bring optimal balance and wellbeing to your 5 elements. 


You’ll experience circular rotations utilising the art of 'marma point therapy.'  Marmas are special energetic points in the body with relationships to organ function, metabolism and emotional states. They bear similarities to Acupuncture points. Marma points are stimulated by hand pressure, massaged with special oils. The therapy will flush out toxins and revitalise your blood system relieving stress and transporting you to a blissfully relaxed state.


As an experienced Ayurvedic (Ah-yer-vey-dic) Massage therapist Tyra will tune into key areas of you body holding stress and tension. If you can, try to rest and relax for at least two to three hours after the massage since the internal energies or Doshas need to settle down and balance in the system slowly. It is natural to feel tired and sleepy at this time so it’s better to give in to the impulses and rest instead to plunging into strenuous activities right away. 

Ayurvedic Oil Blends we use: 
(Fire and water)

This blend pacifies Pitta, resulting in a synergy that calms the fire and water energies within us, providing a soothing and cooling body oil treatment. This aromatic blend helps to nourish, balance and soften the skin. 

Benefits: Nourishes sensitive skin. Rich hydration anti-ageing. Calming and grounding for the senses.

Key Ingredients: Manuka, immortelle (wood, vanilla, musk) carrot seed, Sandalwood, chamomile, spearmint, lavender, peppermint, sweet fennel pure essential oils. 

(Water and Earth)

This warming body oil pacifies Kapha, resulting in a synergy that energises the earth and water energy within us. This rebalances and revitalises the senses. Refuel your skin with this aromatic, uplifting and motivating blend in a Benefits are: Improved skin tone, Warming and Energising, Assists in reducing appearance of cellulite, Assists lymph drainage.

Key Ingredients: Clove, Cinnamon, eucalyptus, wintergreen, juniper sweet marjoram, cumin and black pepper pure essential oils. 

(Space and Air) 

Balancing the air and ether, the invigorating blend is an enlivening and aromatic pick-me-up. This energising blend is warming and invigorating, tones the skin and helps to keep one grounded. Vata drives our mental and physical adaptability

Benefits are: Improved skin tone (moisturising), Grounding and moisturising, Warming and invigorating blend

Key Ingredients: Frankinsense, lavender, vanilla, pettigrain, cape chamomile, mandarin, and roman chamomile pure essential oils.

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